We are the governing body for Volunteer Search & Rescue teams within the province of Ontario and are the liaison between the OPP, NSS, EMO and the volunteer SAR teams.

OSARVA is a registered not-for-profit organization comprised of a volunteer Board of Directors that represents the volunteer SAR teams within each of the six OPP designated regions for Ontario.

OSARVA is also responsible for the instruction and certification of the "Basic Searcher" status as initiated and mandated by the OPP.


Our teams are comprised of highly trained, unpaid professionals to who bring their talents together to assist police in their efforts to locate lost persons.


To provide leadership, guidance and support for ground Search & Rescue (GSAR) member teams throughout the province.



To assist the Police with trained volunteer ground SAR personnel with the ultimate goal of saving lives.

To support volunteer ground SAR teams throughout the province.

To endorse prevention programs conducted by ground SAR teams in Ontario.

To promote awareness of the value of Ground Search and Rescue Volunteers.